september newsletter

There’s so much in this newsletter, I don’t even know where to start!

As an artist I work with Process and Product. The process of creating can be long, frustrating, exhilarating, boring and extremely addictive. The whole time I am creating, I am pushing myself to end up with a finished product that excites me, pleases me and above all, one which I can happily put out to the world.

That being said, this newsletter is about my process and my latest products…

Ribbon piece:

The ribbon piece is moving along. I am almost done with the third section which is a good thing. It is too big to fit into my studio comfortably and so it is in the center of the barn which is not exactly climate controlled. I am hurrying to get it done before the cold weather really settles in.

section three upside down
section three upside down

There is a good chance that I will make it which is a relief. The fourth section is sitting in the studio waiting for me to finish it as well.

section four upside down
section four upside down

Today I was opening up the doors of the barn to begin welding the ribbon when out of the corner of my eye I saw something that was definitely NOT metal. This guy apparently decided to come inspect my work. He is a baby black rat snake, not more than a foot long. He traveled up and down the piece providing me with some great photo-ops. Needless to say, work was postponed during inspection. Fortunately, he didn’t stick around long and I was able to get some work done this afternoon.

the inspector


One of the reasons for the delay of this newsletter (yes, I noticed that it was a tad bit late) was the fact that sometimes process is not very interesting to show to other people. I mean, how many times can  you show pictures of vessels half done and piles of yarn snarled up on the floor? Okay, just this once…



Which brings me to the fun part of this newsletter, the products!  I have actually finished two pieces which are now on my website. (Click on the pictures to get to their website page). They are both very simple in design so that the shape and texture become extremely visible. They, like the ones before them, are extremely tactile, inviting anyone to touch them and feel how soft they are. In addition, each one has a wonderful and surprising interior. Take some time to look around the website, you may find something you haven’t seen before!

To See Within
To See Within


And finally, don’t forget that Virginia Sperry Studio has a Facebook page…if you join, you will be able to keep even more up to date on all the happenings in the studio! Tell your friends too, the more the merrier!!!


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